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Significant Savings

Spray foam is a high quality product that is the best insulating material on the market today. It is sprayed in place and expands immediately after being applied, to fill in all voids, gaps, and cracks. Spray foam insulation meets the latest demand trends for energy-efficiency and green construction. Unsurpassed air barrier and high R-value gives spray foam a distinct advantage over other insulating products, providing homeowner’s financial savings of 40% or more off of their heating and cooling bills.

Environmental Benefits

Spray foam insulation may be the best thing for the environment in an array of environmentally friendly products. It emits no CO2 of its own while it reduces heating and cooling related emissions by about 50% for new constructions and by even more in certain retrofit situations. Foam insulation will last for the life of the building, and will deliver peak performance. No formaldehyde, no ozone-depleting ingredients and no emissions of any kind - environmentally friendly.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is a key area to consider in any project. Spray foam insulation battles this problem in two ways. Foam insulation is devoid of emissions and contaminants. It also improves the situation by nearly eliminating all unwanted moisture intrusion and related mold issues. This is also good news for people suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments. Unlike more traditional methods of insulation in today’s markets, spray foam insulation is free of all HFAs, HCFCs, HFCs.

Blue Star Insulation

We at Blue Star Insulation are a spray foam insulation contractor dedicated to provide high quality insulation solutions, to meet the ever increasing demands in today’s environment. We provide quality, professional workmanship at cost effective prices.

Our Polyurethane spray foam systems are blended to the highest standards, conforming to CAN/ULC-S705.1 (including Amendments 1 and 2). Our materials have been tested and evaluated by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre, a branch of the NRC) and comply with CCMC’s Technical Guide for Spray-in-Place Thermal Insulation.

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Blue Star Insulation provides quality, professional workmanship at cost effective prices.

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